Premium Coaching with Carla

No matter who you are, years of conditioning and gender norms have funneled us into specific mindsets, thought patterns, and even job functions and relationships. And sometimes, that makes us feel not so great. We get stuck. We don't know how to process our emotions.

We LEARN how to disassociate from our emotions, and create a reality based on others’ wants and needs.

We LEARN how to suppress our body’s natural communication mechanisms, filling our bodies with unhealthy food, content, & energies.

We LEARN how to live externally acquiring STUFF, not connecting to our internal world.

We LEARN how to not to be ourselves, and suppress what our true self desires.



It’s time to unlearn these patterns and to develop new associations with our emotions and bodies.


My role is to help you step into WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. We just have some work to do to uncover what those emotions are really signaling.



After close to two years of facilitating small groups for women, I’ve had countless men of all ages approach me to be involved or share my learnings.

I believe that the world needs healing and growth no matter your gender, and we need each other. And sometimes, we need individualized one-on-one help.

That’s why I've partnered with my coach, Dr Tracy Thomas, a renown therapist and Coach, to create 6 month one-on-one coaching programs. Together, Dr. Tracy and I work to gather as much information and insight as possible, putting it all together to understand your unique Architecture that paints a full picture: your background, our evaluation and assessment, the energy you project, your physical fitness and biochemistry (hormones, nutrient levels), neuropsychology (the way your brain is wired), daily habits (sleep and stress), and anything else that is uniquely encoded in your sense of self. 

If you want:

  • to create a life with more fulfillment through deeper connection with community, colleagues, and loved ones

  • desire to develop deeper relationships with loved ones, specifically a significant other or family members in your life but aren’t sure how to connect on a more authentic level

  • deeper intimacy with a partner

If you:

  • are willing to look at yourself, your habits, and emotions

  • are open to changing aspects of your mindset and lifestyle

  • are willing to put the thoughts/comments of others aside as you make life changes

I will:

  • customize a program based on your identified starting point and goals

  • be your right-hand woman as we explore what the possibilities are for you in expanding your emotion & empathy muscle

If you are ready to dive in, email me at carla@teapluspurpose.

Depending on our level of involvement, our coaching program will be customized and include:

  • 6 month one-on-one engagement

  • In-depth personal inventory on lifestyle and key areas of opportunity

  • Weekly in-person or Skype calls

  • Unlimited email access

And trust me, I only do things that are fun and fulfilling-- so I can promise you that.

If you're ready to develop more connection, FULFILLMENT IN YOUR WORK AND RELATIONSHIP it is time to get started.