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We're a movement of women of all backgrounds and beliefs who believe that connecting to your authentic self, in community with others, will illuminate the world.

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Soooo ... How does this work?

In a world that values loose connections over deep relationships, fast and cheap over quality and sustainable, tweaked and manipulated over real, we've been left to develop our character, opinions of ourselves, and the world with limited depth.

tea+purpose exists to ignite the art of connecting in a genuine and authentic manner.  This is the space for the questions to be asked and the conversation to flow.

Each month our city brewers host a tea centered on a certain topic relating to development of your authentic self. We bring together questions and content from experts. The group shares their own opinions and practices, with the group taking a joint action in the end relating to the topic. Each tea is content-driven, community-supported, and action-oriented.

We are stronger unfolding ourselves together than doing it on our own. Which is why we believe beautiful, world-changing things happen when individuals step out on their own, together.