Connection. Authenticity. Delivered & Packaged To Ignite Change.

tea+purpose was designed so authenticity, truth, and connection could boil to the surface as fast as our hot tea.

We believe that truth is individualized and lies deep beneath our external selves.  This truth can be unlayered in many ways--sometimes through intimate gatherings or one-on-one coaching. Often, this is ignited through an inspiration.

Individualized truth and connection to self should be taken seriously-- it’s is here that the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and vulnerability can exist and mold into something in the world.

Our where my speaking and workshops begin. I create workshops and talks focused on connection to self, authenticity, and empathy. My talks are dynamic, relateable and thought-provoking. Each talk can be customized based on the audience and their needs. Watch a sample speech in her TEDX talk.

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“Carla is a true professional with a great passion to share her insights and help others. While working with us on her TEDx talk, Carla has taken many great initiatives to ensure the impact of her talk, even going above and beyond to organize her own rehearsal group. Her talk on finding freedom in discomfort was a highlight of our conference with its power to move our audience and raise conversations around facing problems of young adults head-on. It was a great pleasure having Carla as our speaker, and we hope to see her back again.”
— -TEDxLafayetteCollege Organizer

In early 2015 we asked Carla to speak at our women’s goal-setting group in NYC called PBSC. Her speech about mindfulness and being self aware, especially when working toward your goals, really resonated with the group. Carla was a wonderful motivational speaker to kick off our year long speaker series.
— Adrianne, PBSC Organizer