TEA + PURPOSE builds environments that cultivate radical authenticity.

We ask the questions you haven’t been able to put your finger on, the questions that get you clearer on who you are, more alive, more aligned – and give you a community of women to sit across the room from and discuss them with. If you are hungry for the next level of your life and craving that spark that happens when empathetic women start talking about the good stuff, you've found your home, love.

Do you feel like there’s a next level version of yourself right around the corner, but you’re not sure how to reach her?

Do you love those intimate, hilarious, heartfelt conversations with girlfriends over wine --  but to be honest Sarah is mostly complaining about her job these days and Jen can’t stop showing pics of her vacation on her iPhone – and you love them, but you just wish the conversation was deeper?

You feel like maybe these deeper discussions happen in a church, but you’re not a person of faith. They spark at a conference, but that’s only once a year. This could happen at book club, but, let's be honest, you are really there for wine and gossip.

Welcome to TEA + PURPOSE

Whatever your story – there’s no belief system, plane ticket, ten pound hardback required to just have the conversations.

We host intimate tea gatherings across the US, half-day events with spiritual and health leaders, and are building out even more ways to ignite your authentic self. Interested? Sign up on our mailing list!

I felt like I was in a room with people that finally heard and understood the change I was trying to make in my life.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have found T+P. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many different communities and experiences and I’m amazed each time at how quickly I feel comfortable, accepted and beautiful at tea+purpose events. I always hear exactly what I need and leave feeling so centered and right with the world. It’s the best example of what can happen when we leave fear and doubt behind and are open to what we can learn from one another.

t+p was the perfect reminder of how important it is to spend time with people who make you happy, not who you have to impress. I believe that passion changes everything. I felt lucky to be part of real conversations with an amazing group of women!

T+P was like a great yoga session. After I left, I felt inspired, energized and excited for the next chance to push myself mentally with an incredible group of women.